Pawan-Kalyan-Not-Interested-in-Amaravati-AgitationJanasena President Pawan Kalyan had finally decided to bite the bullet. He released an Open-Letter to his party MLA, Rapaka Vara Prasad asking him to follow the party line and vote against the two acts which are being tabled by the Government to trifurcate the Capital.

This development comes at the time when Rapaka Vara Prasad stated that he would vote for the bills as he supports the Government’s idea of decentralization. This letter will serve as the Whip for the Razole MLA, Janasena Party believes. But then, there is no clarity about that because a whip should be given by the party’s appointed whip.

It is doubtable if the whip given by the Party President is valid. Usually, a violation of the party’s whip can lead to the MLA’s disqualification. If Janasena suspends him from the party, Rapaka is likely to claim himself as the Independent MLA just like how Vallabhaneni Vamsi did.

Meanwhile, TDP also issued a whip to its Rebel MLAs – Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Maddali Giri to vote against the bills.