Pawan-Kalyan-Jana-SenaPawan Kalyan somehow falls in trouble many a time because of his own speech. Out of all, the recent quote of the Janasena party leader, owing to the war atmosphere at the borders saying that he knew the war was coming two years ago has opened for trolls and memes again.

Earlier Pawan said he was told two years ago that war would be called out before the elections. Now with irresistible speculations as well as trolls arose around his statement about how did he know? who told? and so on, the actor turned politician took to the topic on Friday again clarifying the same.

Now the leader clarifies that he only knew it by listening to or reading the news of various media sources like tabloids and news articles where analysts predict stuff back then depending on the situations and it’s obviously not that the Pakistani’s came and told him in his ear that they are going to have a war. Well, that’s that.