Pawan Kalyan Confusing People?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has attended a Public meeting in support of the workers agitating against the Privatization of the Steel Plant in Vishakapatnam. Pawan Kalyan who is an alliance partner of BJP spoke very carefully without blaming the Central Government.

He has found fault with YSR Congress Government for not leading an all-party meeting to Delhi on this issue and also for the MP not agitating against the issue. He set a deadline of one week for the ruling party to take the responsibility of the agitation.

While YSR Congress should certainly take the blame for not exerting pressure on the Central Government, the bigger blame lies with BJP which is everything in this issue. Pawan Kalyan patted his back for getting the appointment of Amit Shah.

“Amit Shah is giving me appointment because people are with me,” Pawan Kalyan said. Yes, Amit Shah has given appointment for Pawan Kalyan and the latter has urged him to stop the Privatization. But did anything happen? There is no use of thumping his chest for getting the appointment in that case.

Most successful agitations including the Telangana agitation were driven by the Oppositions. So, Pawan Kalyan should not shy away from his responsibility in the name of YSR Congress not doing enough. In case if he does not want to defy the BJP, he should remain silent saying Privatization is good for the Steel Plant and workers.