Pawan Kalyan Compromise with Sujana ChowdaryLast month when Janasena President Pawan Kalyan was taking on a section of the media alleging that they have abused his mother at the behest of Lokesh, the Janasenani warned of dire consequences to Mahaa News owned by Sujana Chowdary and his Binamis and the channel Anchor Murthy.

A day or two after Pawan Kalyan called for a boycott of the so called Yellow Media but excluded Mahaa News from the list for reasons known to the Janasenani. And now the other day, Pawan Kalyan gave an exclusive interview to the channel to the utter disbelief of his fans and party supporters.

They are shocked about the compromise after warning about the dire consequences. But then, it is how politics work. All the channels who have boycotted Pawan Kalyan for a while are slowly resuming the telecast which indicates a compromise between both the sides. Probably Pawan Kalyan will very soon give interviews to TV9 and other channels as well.