Pawan-Kalyan-TDP-Chandrababu-NaiduChiranjeevi merged Praja Rajyam Party in Congress and became a Union Minister. After completing his Rajya Sabha term, he retired from politics.

PRP failure is having a big impact on Pawan Kalyan’s political career.

Voters are not trusting Janasena based on previous experiences of the Praja Rajyam Party.

Interestingly, Mega fans quite often blame Chandrababu Naidu for decimating PRP with coverts.

They cite the example of Parakala Prabhakar getting an important post in the TDP Government after the 2014 elections.

But then, Pawan Kalyan came up with a different version. The other day, he said, “Praja Rajyam Party is lost because of some coverts who are now in YSR Congress. Those coverts are now enjoying ministries in the current government”.

It has to be seen if Mega fans will change the narrative at least now.