Pawan Kalyan's Bizarre Reply Raises More Doubts!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan finally responded on Central Government’s Refusal to Setup Steel Plant in Kadapa and Bayyaram. While asked to respond on the issue, Pawan Kalyan also threw the issue in the State Government’s Court blaming TDP.

He went on to say Jindal came forward to set up a Steel Plant in Kadapa but the government did not allow since they were not getting kickbacks from the Project. He alleged that some investors in London told him they can not set up industries in AP since Politicians are so corrupt there.

This is a bizarre reply for sure because the question is about the Central Government refusing a Steel Plant which was promised in the AP Reorganization Act. Pawan Kalyan was saying about a Private Investment which is a different story altogether.

Again, Pawan Kalyan is making hearsay allegations in the name of an IPS Officer Told Me, A Investor Told Me, etc. The Janasenani did not say a word about Center’s refusal which gives rise to more doubts about the rumored nexus between the party and BJP. If at all, the Center decides to set up a Steel Plant, there is no question of the State involvement except for giving the land. If Pawan Kalyan has any doubts about the State’s Corruption, he should have batted for the Central Power Plant.