PawanKalyan_Janasena_Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has gone into election mode by making tours to help tenant farmers and bringing up discussions on alliances.

Nagababu is touring various districts trying to garner the support of Mega fans and the Kapu community.

We have seen Nagababu telling the fans that they do not recognize fans who work for other parties. His comment about fans ‘Pawan.. Nippullo Dookamante Dhookali’ invited flak.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan himself in a meeting mentioned that he would have been the Chief Minister if all of the Kapu community voted for him in 2019.

There are efforts to congregate the Kapu community towards Janasena.

Interestingly, Janasena neglected the Kapu community and Mega fans in the 2019 elections.

There is an impression in the political circles they are overdoing it now.

“This polarization efforts should happen behind the scenes. Other sections will be away from Janasena if they are doing it openly. Earlier it was Anaavrushti, now the problem is Athivrushti. Pawan Kalyan should strike a balance,” political analysts say.