Pawan Kalyan As Confused As Ever!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had taken a long break from his political and film activities. He halted his shootings long back and started concentrating on politics.

But he disappeared for political arena for almost a month in the name of fever and is yet to announce his comeback program.

The other day, Pawan Kalyan stirred a political discussion by nominating Chandrababu Naidu in #MyHandloomMyPride challenge.

There are speculations about an alliance between TDP and Janasena. There are debates if Janasena is not interested in alliance with BJP.

Pawan Kalyan who hopes to be decisive in any alliance Immediately got rattled. Early morning today, he started posting a series of tweets praising Narendra Modi sky high.

These tweets have no relevance to current times but Pawan Kalyan invoked most issues like ISRO, Sports, etc. The tweets would give competition to even some diehard bhakts.

The attitude like this will weaken Janasena in any alliance bargain. As far as BJP is concerned, Janasena is far superior partner in the alliance. BJP should be coming to Janasena and not the other way. The sooner Pawan Kalyan realizes the better.