Pawan Kalyan And 'Kukka Thoka...' ScenarioBJP is the only big party that remained in the Atmakur by-election fray. The party’s candidate has got 18,216 votes and could not give competition in at least one round.

After four rounds of counting, the BJP candidate walked out of the counting center.

He also lost his deposit in the process.

As per the EC rules, a candidate forfeits his/her deposit if he/she does not get more than one-sixth of the total number of votes polled.

He has to get more than 22,000 votes but could not get there. Earlier, BJP also lost its deposit in the Badvel by-election.

From a party of that sort, Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan is waiting for a roadmap to take on YSR Congress.

There are doubts about BJP purposefully ensuring an election so as for YSR Congress to get a bumper majority in a no-competition scenario.

The party did not field a strong candidate and did not campaign as well to help the ruling party.

It has to be seen if Pawan Kalyan will see through at least now what BJP is trying to do.

Going with BJP is like Kukka Thoka Pattukuni Godaari Eedadham.