Pawan Kalyan JanasenaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has gone completely missing from the campaign of the recent local elections. While all the parties have taken the elections seriously, Pawan Kalyan was confined to Hyderabad shooting for his next, Bheemla Nayak.

The other day, has published a story about this on Pawan Kalyan’s Lethargy. And now, there is an update from Janasena that Pawan Kalyan is going to tour West Godavari district on 21st of this month. He will be addressing a Public meeting at an Engineering College grounds in Narasapuram.

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This strategy of missing election campaigns and then coming to Andhra Pradesh for a Public meeting after the elections is baffling even for fans. What purpose this meeting would serve when it brings no electoral gains. A political party is assessed by the electoral victories it register.

Forget about the electoral victories, Pawan Kalyan would not even show the intent of trying to win an election. And then, he and Janasainiks would curse people for not voting to Janasena and bring them to power.

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