Pawan Kalyan's Amarana Nirahara Deeksha from May 1st?Reports are emerging that Janasena is planning to hit the road this Summer which marks the start of their 2019 Election Campaign. Rumours are also rife that Pawan Kalyan may sit for a fast-unto-death in Guntur from May 1st.

Janasena is expecting that this will become a burning issue once Pawan Kalyan does that given his following in the Youth. Janasena is also busy finalizing the district level committees of Andhra Pradesh and will announce them in a couple of weeks.

The district and mandal level committees may also sit for the Deeksha along with him in the respective areas. On the other side, Pawan Kalyan will be in Vijayawada in the first week of April and may make an announcement about it then.

The State Government will be observing all these developments closely as it may turn into a Potential Law and Order issue if not handled well. Pawan Kalyan will also be helped by Communist Parties as they are likely to go in an alliance for 2019.