Pawan Kalyan - YS JaganJanasena President Pawan Kalyan who is taking a strong stand on the current government on various issues now lambasted it for removing Telugu medium from the Government Schools. Pawan Kalyan posted pictures of the various Telugu books in his collection and criticized the government for the controversial decision.

“If the YCP leadership would have understood the true wealth of Telugu language, they wouldn’t have come with such preposterous policy of banning Telugu medium in Govt schools,” Pawan Kalyan wrote. Further, he posted a picture of Tholi Poddhu, a book of poetry from 442 poets of Telangana published by the Telangana Government.

He advised the YSR Congress Leadership to take lessons from Telangana CM ‘Sri KCR’ about how to safeguard language and culture. He also questioned what the Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission is doing when the Government is trying to stop the Telugu medium in schools.

It is already known to our readers that Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission, Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad welcomed the Government as an English medium is needed in modern times. It is the same Lakshmi Prasad who created a lot of ruckuses when the previous Government introduced English Medium as Optional in the Government schools