Pawan Kalyan: Act In Haste, Repent At LeisureA media house has published a story saying that Janasena President Pawan Kalyan will be severing his ties with BJP and will be reuniting soon with Telugu Desam Party. The report said Pawan Kalyan is worried about the anti-incumbency building up against the saffron party.

We do not know if Pawan Kalyan thinking to call off the alliance is true but if that is true, Pawan Kalyan has to blame himself for it. Pawan Kalyan allied with BJP months after the 2019 elections. It is usually not an idle time for any party to think about alliances.

Any party would take three years time to prepare itself and then take a call about the alliances in the last year. This is what happens when you hurry up into alliances. Moreover, Janasena is losing out on the opportunity to strengthen itself. The best example is how it had to leave out the Tirupati seat to BJP.

Janasena would have activated its cadre in Tirupati if it has contested on its own. These are the problems due to the alliance. BJP is currently in its second term and there are all chances for anti-incumbency. Pawan Kalyan should have waited before taking a call on the alliance.

But if he keeps changing partners, it will only showcase him as an unstable politician.