Pawan-Kalyan-chandra-babu-stage pic

Jana Sena chief Pawan has been chanting the Namo mantra from the day of his party Janasena’s launch. Later developments made Pawan speak out in favor or TDP’s supreme Chandra Babu Naidu. In an exclusive interview given to Eenadu, Pawan said that Chandra Babu ought to have been given one more opportunity for administration of state.

According to media reports, it was PVP’s strong desire to contest on TDP-BJP seat from Vijayawada that brought about differences between the two. Chandra Babu had turned down their hopes and assigned the ticket to the party’s long standing candidate. It was clear that Pawan could not influence Chandra Babu for his friend’s ticket.

Being new to politics, when Pawan shared the big stage last night with Modi, he completely ignored Chandra Babu and never mentioned his name when addressing the audience. Chandra Babu, on the other hand, mentioned Pawan’s name as a stage courtesy but avoided taking Pawan’s name for any political support.

The individuals who viewed the occasion felt that it was a basic courtesy to greet the leaders present on the stage when a person chooses to attend the event.