Pawan Fans Not Ready To Trust Megastar Or Mega Fans!The other day, Rashtra Chiranjeevi Yuvatha had organized a meeting at a Hotel in Vijayawada pledging their support to Janasena party.

They resolved to make Pawan Kalyan as the Chief Minister irrespective of everything and alliances.

However, their support is not pleasing Pawan Kalyan Fans.

“Chiranjeevi has hobnobbed with CM Jagan for Acharya and RRR ticket rates even though he is well aware that it would be detrimental for Pawan Kalyan’s political interests. Now that Acharya has failed, Chiranjeevi suddenly wants PK fans support,” they say.

“They can say Chiranjeevi did that for the industry but we can not forget how he supported the three capitals idea when no one asked,” they added.

“Along with Megastar, We do not trust this big section of Mega Fans as well. They are Pawan ku Pranamistham Jagan ku Vote vestham batch. They better keep away from Janasena,” they say critically about Mega Fans.

“Pawan Kalyan is going into the people by spending his hard-earned money. Let people decide it. With this Mega support, people will also be reminded of Prajarajyam fiasco. Let Pawan Kalyan fight his own battle,” they angrily say.