Pawan blasts YS Jagan and his corruption

Pawan’s public event in Vizag ended up as some what disappointment to his supporters who expected a clear direction from Jana Sena head. Pawan took every one by surprise by supporting Modi at central but he didn’t want to contest or didn’t reveal whom he would support in state. Though Pawan hasn’t said it directly many assumed that Pawan is pro TDP. When Pawan announced his single line agenda is about removing corruption many have thought why he didn’t take on Jagan when numerous corruption charges he has in pending. Keeping a check to all this Pawan had blasted Jagan’s corruption and reminded the importance of voting for an experienced leader like Chandra Babu on the eve of building a new state in an exclusive interview with Eenadu today.

Pawan thinks YSR and his son Jagan are the main reasons for the conditions that our state is in now. Jagan should wait until the corruption charges get cleared before he requests public to make him CM especially when there is a room full of charge sheets and corruption documents waiting to be cleared against him.

Highlights from Pawan’s interview loosely translates as below;

– Senior IAS officers are afraid of working in AP because of what Jagan did.

– I was surprised when TDP leaders said Chandra Babu isn’t letting them eat money but if it was YSR he would let them do corruption.

– Did you object at the time of PRP merger with Congress? – No. I didn’t think any one will believe if I say I will take over PRP at that time. But I think even with a single person in the party we should be able to go-forward.

– Had Chiranjeevi resigned and protested against bifurcation..would it have been useful? -No, I don’t think so.

– Are you quitting films? -I used to be at shoot 100 days every year, now I will reduce it to 50 days.

Now with this interview it is clear that Pawan is not at all in favor of Jagan due to his corruption and sends a clear message to his supporters to vote for TDP in upcoming elections. Let’s see how his fans will receive this message from Pawan.