Party registration to take 5 months - EC
Election Commissioner HS Brahma clarified on Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party. He cleared that application for Jana Sena Party with Pawan Kalyan as President is received. And election commission is verifying the application. Brahma also clarified that Party Registration will take a minimum of 5 months time and if Pawan Kalyan’s party wants to contest this election, the candidates will be treated as independents.

HS Brahma also clarified that the election commission could not issue common symbol for the candidates of Pawan Kalyan’s party. It is now certain that Pawan Kalyan can not use Jana Sena name at least for this election. There is also one more controversy regarding the party as two persons have declared that they have already applied for Jana Sena party with the election commission earlier than Pawan Kalyan.