Parimal-Nathwani-YS-JaganReliance Industries Director of Corporate Affairs Parimal Nathwani was nominated to the Rajya Sabha from Andhra Pradesh by Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Back then, Jagan was criticized for nominating a Reliance man because previously he alleged that Ambani was behind his father’s death.

But then, YSR Congress covered it up saying that Nathwani with all his experience will bring loads of investments to Andhra Pradesh. Nathwani even joined YSR Congress.

Its been around two years since the nomination but Andhra Pradesh did not get any investments courtesy of Nathwani.

But then once every 3-4 months, Nathwani posts PR tweets from his Twitter account praising Jagan and his administration. As of today, Nathwani is used for Jagan’s PR on Twitter which did not translate into anything useful for Andhra Pradesh to date.

So, AP has got PR tweets in place of Investments.

Nathwani also makes it a point to tag Vijayasai Reddy in all such tweets. Probably, the MP may have sealed the deal.

One would wonder what is the real deal behind offering a Rajya Sabha seat!

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