Panner’s Another Hit Back to Sasikala

Pannerselvam's Another Hit Back to SasikalaWith all the political drama that has been going on for a couple of days, there is literally an unannounced war between two big heads of AIADMK, Saiskala, and Panneerselvam. After the revolt of Panneerselvam against Sasikala, she seems to be trying her best to disconnect all the possible connections of Panneerselvam with the party.

First, she removed him from the Treasurer post and then announced at Poes garden that the party will see to it that PanneerSelvam is removed from all his positions in the party for his betrayal. As a hit back to that, Panneer has written a letter as the treasurer of AIADMK to the Manager of Bank of India instructing him not to process any transactions of the party account without his approval.

Panneerselvam strongly claimed that Sasikala has not rights to take his Treasurer role from him as it is Jayalalitha who appointed him as Treasure a decade ago and hence he would continue to be the treasurer until a new general secretary is appointed who would have the powers to take any party decisions.

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