Panneerselvam Calling Shots in Tamil Nadu with Narendra Modi's HelpO Paneerselvam has laid two conditions for the merger of both the factions of AIADMK. The Mannargudi Family should go out of the family and a judicial inquiry should happen on Jayalalithaa’s demise. OPS faction is also asking the Party and Government’s Leadership to Paneerselvam.

Political Circles say that O Paneerselvam is calling shots in this issue due to the support of the Central Government. Delhi Police are ready to arrest Dinakaran at any time in the bribing of EC officials case and they have no option but to accept OPS’ conditions to prevent that.

On the other side, Palaniswami faction as offered Dinakaran to quit but Sasikala to continue as General Secretary of the party. OPS will be made the Deputy GS while two of his men including him will be inducted in the cabinet with Palaniswami begin the CM.