KCR BJP Press meetTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao seems to be in a panic mode after the setback in Huzurabad By-election. The Chief Minister who never took BJP seriously until now called for a Special Pressmeet only to bash the saffron party.

He spoke about various issues like the Center’s reluctance in Paddy Collection, BJP’s agitation against the decrease in State Taxes on Petrol and Diesel, and many other issues in which the center did not do enough for Telangana. While KCR‘s arguments mostly have merit, the Chief Minister did not look confident like he is always.

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KCR’s face has pressure, sadness, and frustration written all over it. He lambasted BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay over his comments and calls Telangana BJP as Silly BJP and Bandi Sanjay as Kampu Noru. Even though KCR tried to be as aggressive as possible on BJP and Bandi Sanjay, the lack of confidence is clearly visible.

He claims to have the support of the entire state and 107 MLAs in the state assembly along with MIM. He also repeatedly mentioned how he attained the Telangana state and has done so much for the people of the state. He talked about issues like draconian farm acts, China’s incursion into Arunachal Pradesh, Dead bodies in Ganga, inflation, etc. “We will start to keep the fire from tomorrow,” he announced.

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Maybe unintentional, KCR admitted the rise of BJP in Telangana with this Presser. His face is also an indication of how he is under severe stress after Huzurabad. But then, KCR should realize that leaders can commit mistakes under pressure. And this Presser is that first mistake.