Panchangam: One National Leader's Demise Will ShockToday is Ugadhi festival. It is quite common for Governments and Political Parties to have Panchanga Sravanam.

Usually these Panchanga Sravanams forecast everything good for the organizers for the next one year.

However, the Panchanga Sravanam at Gandhi Bhavan in the presence of PCC President Revanth Reddy has got something shocking.

“The demise of a National leader will come as a shock this year,” the Panchanga Kartha Srinivasa Murthy forecasted. This has come as a sensation and a Talking Point on social media.

“Both the Telugu Governments will face Public anger due to their anti-Public policies. Revanth Reddy’s time in Telangana will begin from October. Telangana politics will see his Vishwaroopam,” he foretold.

Speaking on this occasion, Revanth Reddy said, “We have a membership of 43 Lakhs in Telangana. We should target getting 80 Lakh votes and we automatically get 90 seats in Telangana”.