PAN number fraud binami indiaPAN Card number is being accepted as one of the Identity proofs when reserving Train tickets. However the PAN Numbers getting revealed through the reservation charts on the train boggies. Some of the people who wants to carry out binami transactions, get hold of these PAN Numbers and use them.

Giving PAN Number is mandatory for high valued transactions. Recently gold purchases are also needing PAN Card number. These PAN Numbers obtained through railway reservation characters are being used for them. So this train passenger unknowingly becomes Binami of some other rich guy who hides his assets.

Railway Ministry is planning to make sure that full PAN number is not mentioned in the charts. Only the last three numbers are used. But that did not come in to usage as of yet. In order to get the PAN numbers from Railway reservation charts, people are being operated and are being paid 10 Rupees for every PAN Number they bring.