Deputy Chief Minister Pamula Pushpa SrivaniYSR Congress is not even One Month Old but is already facing heat in social media. Interestingly, two of the issues they are being trolled are the issues which they have used on the Chandrababu Naidu Government previously. The first issue is the Tongue Slips. YSR Congress has made it a Political issue and brought down Lokesh.

The Tongue Slips of Lokesh are circulated in the Whatsapp and Social Media defaming the young leader. That ensured that Lokesh lost his maiden election. Now, the other day, Deputy CM Pushpa Srivani also had a slip of tongue and went on to say they will ensure Corrupt Government in Andhra Pradesh.

It has become viral now and YSR Congress is trying to take shelter in the fact she belongs to ST Community. And the other issue is deficit Rainfall. YSR used to claim that Rains do not come when Chandrababu is in the ruling and YSR Congress continued that propaganda.

Now, we are already into the second half of June and in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule, there is a severe deficit of Rains. According to the Met Department, it will be 50% Deficit of Rains that are supposed to come in June Month if not more. TDP followers say Jagan is a bad omen to the State. Karma Comes Back to Bite, they ridicule YSR Congress supporters.