TDP-Gouthu-SireeshaLegendary Freedom Fighter Gouthu Lachanna’s granddaughter Gouthu Sireesha contested as TDP’s candidate for the Palasa constituency in the 2019 elections.

Seediri Appalaraju from YSR Congress defeated her with a margin of over 16K votes. Seediri Appalaraju is currently the minister in Jagan’s cabinet.

The major problem Sireesha faced in the last election is cross-voting.

People have opted to vote for Ram Mohan Naidu for Lok Sabha but voted for YSR Congress in Assembly. Hence the defeat has become imminent.

Recent surveys indicate that Sireesha is on the ground to victory. If the elections are to be held today, she will be marginally ahead of Seediri Appalaraju.

The highheadedness of the minister with the party’s own cadre and also the people of the constituency. Gouthu Sireesha, on the other hand, is staying closer to the people and winning their support.

The surveys indicate that the anti-incumbency against YSR Congress Government is slowly increasing and may increase the margin in favor of Sireesha in days to come.