Pakistan Airlines Sacrifices a Goat to Avoid Further CrashesWith the recent incident of Pakistan International Airlines aircraft namely PK-661 crashed on 7th of December which killed nearly 45 lives, Civil Aviation authority passed orders to hold the aircraft from flying until the crafts clear the shakedown tests.

To stop these awful incidents of crashes, PIA officials has got up with a brilliant solution which is to devote a goat as a sacrifice to waive off any negative energy that is driving the aircraft to death. Though it wasn’t admitted that this is a decision that was taken by the higher officials of the department, the employees at the airfield have cut a goat on the runway before an ATR took off. No matter how far the technology goes, some things don’t change.

After the incident of PK-661, there was an instance where a pilot suggested to cancel the flight as he observed some disturbances in the engine. An aircraft caught fire before it took off which made PIA pass directions to hold the flights and conduct tests required to make sure a safe flight. Meanwhile, chairman of PIA Azam Saigol happened to resign due to personal reasons.