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Cut, Copy, and Paste – Paid Online Scam Targets Naidu!

Fake Twitter Fake Tweets Chandrababu Naidu Paid Tweets“Work hard and make it happen” this has become the old already. Now people are looking for the ways to make this happen with cheat work. Social media is one of those tools through which people are trying to be smart without their name coming into the picture. Smart people who are using too much of their brains have used the twitter for paid online campaign targeted to malign AP CM in Nandyal polls.

Look at these tweets, they all emit immense negativity on the ruling party, especially, the Cheif Minister Chandrababu Naidu. They are trying to trend the hash tag “#MukhyaKanthriCBN” on twitter. But if you notice most of the users sending these fuming tweets are not really Teluguites which we can make out from their IDs. In short, these are fake IDs and fake tweets. There are a couple of real “Jagan fans” though, but the majority of these tweets are coming from Non-Telugu IDs. We just wonder why would these people (Non-Telugu) bother about AP, that too, Nandyal elections.

Also, as you see below (There are thousands of these fake IDs and tweets , we embedded a few here), many cut, and pasted the tweets from several fake Telugu IDs. By the way who is doing this then? No need to mention, if you give a little thought on it, you can understand who is that “strategy mind” behind this paid campaign, it is very obvious.