Over-Smart Politics With Balakrishna In HindupurNandamuri Balakrishna has led a couple of protests in his Hindupur constituency to make Hindupur as Satya Sai district and have Hindupur town as the district headquarters.

But Government has ignored it and Puttaparthi, where Reddys are in majority, is made the district.

The Ruling Party tries to get offensive to Balakrishna on this issue.

It has organized something called Rajakeeya Parteela Aikya Vedhika and the leaders were abusing Balakrishna for Hindupur not becoming the district.

They were demanding his resignation, calling him non-local, not knowing local issues, etc.

“Do you think Hindupur is a three hours film?” they say.

But not a word on YSR Congress or Jagan Mohan Reddy who denied Hindupur the chance.

But it looks like a silly political attempt. Probably, the ruling party is underestimating the intelligence of the voters in deciding who is right and who is wrong.

This over-smart politics will only backfire. They do not work except for filling the pages and screen time in the ruling party’s mouthpieces.