Out of Hibernation, Pawan Kalyan Hurriedly Touches Several Issues!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan who has halted his Janasena Porata Yatra for Ramzan came back after more than a week. Pawan Kalyan hurriedly touches a few issues in his Twitter Account. The issues are Ramana Deekshitulu Controversy, Amaravati Land Acquisition, Nayi Brahmins Issue, and Nuclear Plants in Kovvada.

As on expected lines, Pawan Kalyan took potshots of the State Government on all the issues. He even alleged that some jewelry of Lord Balaji in Tirumala were transported out of the country to some Middle East Country via a Private Aircraft from Hyderabad.

Pawan Kalyan bought the argument of Ramana Deekshitulu’s Pink Diamond and questioned how a Diamond can be broken with coins thrown by devotees. Interestingly, earlier committees put up to find the truth confirmed that it was a Pink Ruby that got broken.

Ramana Deekshitulu picked up the argument to corner the State Government and Pawan Kalyan is doing the same for obvious reasons. Pawan Kalyan also took up a website of Retired IAS Officer EAS Sharma who has filed several cases on Amaravati and asked Janasainiks to follow it judiciously to increase their knowledge.

Out of Hibernation, Pawan Kalyan Hurriedly Touches Several Issues!