Guntur-Municipal-CorporationIn Guntur city, one of the YSRCP corporators made serious threats against a female secretariat employee. She was subjected to caste abuse for the sin of obstructing the encroachment of the road as part of her duty.

Phones were snatched from fellow employees who were filming the entire affair and the pictures were deleted. The YCP corporator, Vamsi created a ruckus saying ‘Government is ours and we will do whatever we want’.

He served an ultimatum to the employees not to enter his division without prior information. “What is your business with encroachments? It will be taken care of by the superiors. Your duty is to only give pensions and cards,” he fired.

The incident took place at the Municipal Corporation School in Vengal Rao Nagar on Monday evening. Earlier, the Commissioner received a complaint that the road next to the school was being occupied and construction was being carried out.

The higher officials ordered the city planners to look into it. The planning secretary of the area secretariat and other employees of the secretariat went to the area. Just then, Corporator Vamsi reached there and lashed out at the Secretariat employees.