OU Students to enter elections fray!

Osmania University students played an important role in Telangana agitation. In fact much of the agitation revolved around Osmania University campus and now the student leaders who played an important role in the agitation wants to contest election and are demanding all political parties to allot 10% Assembly seats to students this elections. TRS party has confirmed giving them 4 seats and made it clear that it can not give more seats than that as there are already many obligations for the seats.

On the other side, the aspirants list is very big and they are not happy with TRS dumping them after getting their help. Aspirants are also looking at parties like Congress, TDP and BJP. Few of them are planning to contest elections as independents in case no political party gives them. They are confident that they will be winning due to their popularity with Telangana people during the agitation. Analysts say even if they do not win they are capable of dwindling the results.