Chandra babu with senior folks
So far we have seen Seema Andhra employees fighting for the right of options which will give them a chance to stay back in Hyderabad. But now Telangana employees are more eager in using the options. The reason for this is the increasing of retirement age by Andhra Pradesh government. Chandra Babu Naidu’s government has increased the retirement age to 60 which is 2 years more than that in Telangana. So, employees who opt to work for Andhra Pradesh government will have two years of more service.

Even Telangana employees want to use this options and extend their career by two more years. It is said that senior employees and those who are nearing their retirement age are anxious to use the ‘options’ facility. However Seema Andhra employees see the trick of their Telangana counterparts is now urging to give the options facility only in case of medical emergency or if the couples are working in the two states.