KTR Photo RoadsPotholes is a never-ending issue of Hyderabad. Rains start and the potholes bleed of the stink water. And it is sad that officials aren’t moved upon numerous requests of the citizens and of course why would the opposition leave a chance to take on the government?

Congress leaders took advantage of the mean situation in Kukatpally where it has become way too dangerous for a rider to travel on such roads, especially during nights. They rooted placards with the pictures of KTR and the city MLA Madhavaram Krishna Rao in the potholes all over the area.

This turned interesting as it caught the good attention of the citizens driving it fairly opposite to the KCR ruling. Now all the potholes on roads in Kukatpally are decorated with both the Telangana leaders posters. Let us see if there will be a response on this funny protest.