Chandrababu- Naidu - Jagan - Paawan KalyanThe State Election Commission has sounded bugle for Municipal Elections. voting will happen on 10th March and the Results will be out on 14th. The process which has paused previously will resume. That means no Elections in Rajamahendravaram and Nellore due to Court cases.

Since old notification is being followed, there is no chance of elections for new Municipalities. Municipal elections can be the best chance of the Opposition to prove a point. Municipal elections will have the urban electorate which will not like too many welfare schemes.

YSR Congress is more in that direction ignoring everything else. Also, the beneficiaries of the welfare schemes will be relatively less in these areas. Even though every local election will have an edge to the Ruling Party, the Opposition charges will still their fancy chances.

So, it will all boil to the fact that Opposition has to push their local leaders and cadre to work hard to achieve the needed results. Ruling Party, on the other side, will still be mindful of fact that they will have to work under Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar who is at loggerheads with them.