chandrababu-naidu-kcr-best-cm-chief-minister-ranking-ratingThe main opposition party, YSR Congress and the other opposition parties all these days used to target the TDP government in Andhra Pradesh with invisible surveys. Some of the media channels in favour of the opposition even used to publish some surveys they claimed to have conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office.

They used to give high ranks to Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhara Rao and Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu somewhere at the bottom of the table. Since the Prime Minister never clarifies about these rankings. They used to have a field run at Chandrababu Naidu with claims of inefficiency and Corruption.

But then first of such survey which was conducted by the Central government in association with the World Bank is out in the form of Ease of Doing Business Rankings. Since they are officially conducted and announced, Opposition parties are stammering for words to counter AP getting First Rank in the competition held on about 340 parameters (Telangana stood next to AP with minute difference – AP – 98.784 and TS – 98.780).

YSR Congress and Congress Leaders have started becoming creative of claiming Center coming to the rescue of Chandrababu Naidu but then people can see through it as BJP will not put its own states behind for its coalition partner. Given the way BJP is handling its allies after 2014, one can be sure it may downgrade the allies than helping them.