Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Lost Its Mind - YSR CongressAndhra Pradesh and Telangana have completed the three years of bifurcation. Telangana government celebrated the eve big time while Andhra Pradesh government conducted ‘Nava Nirmana Deeksha’, a program for the people to remember the bad memories of bifurcation and rededicate themselves to the state development.

This is a general program by the Andhra Pradesh government and is more of a sentimental issue. But then, the Opposition had lost the trick on this. Congress tried to pursue the Police Department not to give permission for the event. YSR Congress through its mouthpiece, Sakshi tried to showcase that the event is a failure and people are in no mood to sail with the government.

But both the parties have forgotten that the program has nothing to do with TDP or the government and is more about the state bifurcation and the state development. But the parties are only keen on mocking that leaving aside the sentiments of the people.

This kind of ‘Blame All, Curse All’ attitude of the Opposition will only defeat the actual purpose for both the parties. No Wonder some political analysts feel that the biggest plus point of TDP is the tendency of the Opposition to make self-goals.