Open Heart With RK Radha Krishna Vemuri Andhra JyothiOpen Heart With RK is the flagship program on ABN – Andhrajyothy. The program is famous in the public and political circles. After two successful seasons, the third season is currently on.

The third season started with a bang with Sharmila’s episode. There were some good episodes with MLC Kavitha, Dil Raju, and others.

But then, of late, the show is faltering with choice of guests. Probably, due to the lack of guests, we can see RK making unusual choices. We even get to see some comedians, struggling heroes on the show.

Almost all the important persons have been interviewed by Radha Krishna Vemuri and so there is a struggle to find big names. But that should not be the reason to push weak names.

RK’s experience and command over the subject are the major USPs for the show. Obviously, that is not the case with film personalities for obvious reasons and especially those with less experience.

That will only dilute the brand value of the show. Weekend comment by RK and Open Heart With RK are the only flagship programs of ABN, if they are lost, the channel will lose its value.