Only Court Can Remind Jagan Of Amaravati FarmersEver since the new government has come to power, Amaravati farmers are pushed to fight for everything. The annual lease amount promised to the farmers is also not being paid by the government on time forcing the farmers to go to court every single time.

A few farmers of Mandadam village have knocked on the door of the high court asking the court to ensure the payment of their lease amount. The case will come to hearing on Thursday. One day ahead of the hearing, the Government has released a G.O. clearing the pending lease amount.

An amount of 195 Crore Rupees has been released into the accounts of nearly 18,000 farmers who parted with their land for the capital city under the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS). “Only courts can save Amaravati farmers. It is proved once again,” the farmers say after this move of the government.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the Jagan Government has set July 23rd as the muhurath for capital shift and the farmers are gearing up for another round of protests and legal fight.