Pawan Kalyan - Chandrababu Naidu - YS JaganThe new government in Andhra Pradesh has completed one year in power. May 23rd, 2019, the Results day has marked significant outcomes for all the parties in Andhra Pradesh which had a moral for their future. One year down the lane let us see how far they have come in learning the lesson.

YSR Congress:

It is a landslide victory for the party with 151 MLA seats, a feat that has been comparable only to NTR’s 1983 story. Some say Jagan’s victory is greater than that. With power comes responsibility they say. Whatever factors may have contributed, Jagan is voted to power and there are hopes that the young leader will lead Andhra Pradesh to phenomenal heights. However, the first year has been so dramatic. The new government has taken some very controversial decisions which are often struck down by the courts. In just one year, there is a perception that this Government is Power-drunk. No matter why there are no new investments that can make up the huge populism that is underway. With an economic crisis brewing, it can be dangerous. Four years more can be a long time, it is important that Jagan learns his lesson.

Telugu Desam Party:

A mere 23 seats with just three in Rayalaseema is a foundation-shaking result for Chandrababu Naidu and it comes at a time when Chandrababu is nearing his retirement. So, it needs him to do the shakeup which will extend the life span of the party. TDP has been deterred by the defections but then, the party has done a reasonable job in cornering the Government in the first year. If we compare the first year of Chandrababu and Jagan, we can say that it is a pretty good job. The controversial and vengeance decisions of Jagan in fact helped Naidu. But then, there are several other issues that are left unattended. The party needs a proper dressing from top to bottom. The politics have to become more relevant to current times and there is a pressing need to infuse new energy. On that front, Naidu has done very little.

Janasena and BJP:

BJP has pretty much has nothing to lose in Andhra Pradesh so there is no change in the fortunes. The position of Pawan Kalyan’s party may have become worse in this one year. From a prominent role in Andhra Pradesh, the result undermined his relevance in politics. He may have his own reasons to go back to films but that will only add to a feeling that he is a non-serious politician. Allying with BJP gave Janasena a shoulder to lean but then, with his over-enthusiasm to be in the good books of the BJP leadership, Pawan Kalyan is ridiculously under meaning himself. Many believe that he is behaving like an enthusiastic young leader who just joined a party. There is absolutely zero work that has happened in terms of party-building. One year after the election, Janasena is still a party that is one-leader-centric which is again dangerous. Just like in the case of TDP, four years is a long time but Pawan Kalyan may spend most of it before the camera.