Nara Lokesh -TDPTelugu Desam Party has improved by leaps and bounds on social media after 2019. But then, the credit should majorly go to the enthusiastic party volunteers than the party itself.

However, with elections just two years to go, the party cadre on social media is mostly unorganized. It is important for the party to streamline and use their energy to the fullest.

The last year, we have seen TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh come to Twitter and attend a Spaces session. It was the first time a big leader attend a session on Twitter spaces.

It has got so many good responses and was well organized.

It has not only activated the cadre but also impressed the neutral people with Lokesh’s clarity on various subjects.

It was easily the best moment for Lokesh on Twitter.

It has done more good than all those fiery speeches in the press conferences at least with the target audience on social media.

Back then, Lokesh announced conducting one such session every month. This has happened in June last year but then, he has disappeared since then.

Starting something new and doing it religiously are two different things. In fact, the second one is much more important than the first.

If Lokesh had followed that he would have easily changed the perception of many about himself and the party in due course. Almost a year has passed and nothing happened since then.

With elections just around two years, this is something Lokesh should correct immediately.