One More Gas Leak Accident in Nandyala Andhra PradeshEven before the memories of LG Polymers Gas Leak accident faded away, one more gas leak accident has happened in Andhra Pradesh. This has happened in the SPY Agro Chemical Industry of Nandyala belonging to former MP, SPY Reddy.

This morning, the Ammonia gas tank has leaked killing the General Manager Srinivas Reddy on the stop. Five workers were present at the spot when the accident has happened. The remaining workers fell ill and were shifted to a local hospital. Fire Tenders were pressed to service to douse the gas.

The officials are yet to ascertain how this leak has happened. People living in the area are panicking as the memories of the LG Polymers Gas Leak are still fresh. Late SPY Reddy was elected as YSR Congress MP in 2014 elections and later defected to TDP.

He and his family joined Janasena just before the elections. But he passed away during the elections. His family got four tickets from Janasena and all of them lost. There are reports that his family is moving closer to the YSR Congress.