Ys Jagan - YS Vijayamma- YS SharmilaYS Vijayamma’s ‘YS Sannihitula Atmeeya Sammelanam’ will be held at HICC – Novotel, Hyderabad on Thursday evening. She has invited all the wellwishers and former colleagues of Late YSR to the event which she calls apolitical.

Meanwhile, there are reports that this meeting is aimed at consolidating support for Sharmila’s YSR Telangana Party and Jagan will not be attending it. That looks fine until now because Vijayamma is already doing that.

There are few media houses publishing reports that Vijayamma will be stepping down as YSR Congress’s honorary President since she wants to be more proactive in YSR Telangana party so as to set Sharmila’s political career.

But then such a move will make no sense because it will only Embarrass Jagan and trouble him politically. That would be a bigger embarrassment for Jagan than what he faced when Sharmila floated a separate party. But the big question is why would Vijayamma embarrass Jagan even though she is able to do whatever she feels like even now.