One More District To Be Created In AP?The other day, CM Jagan Mohan Reddy had inaugurated the new districts of Andhra Pradesh. The existing thirteen districts were reorganized into twenty six.

Not before 24 hours of this change, Andhra Pradesh Government is mulling another change. There are chances for the formation of another new district.

The government plans to merge the tribal areas into a single district. Minister Perni Nani also gave signals that there was a possibility of another district in addition to the 26 districts.

Sources tell us that the government is working to form a new district with Rampachodavaram and the villages that will be submerged due to Polavaram Project.

It comes as a surprise why the government did not do that before hand and is making changes to the districts just one day after the inauguration.

Earlier the idea is to make all the twenty five Loksabha constituencies into twenty five districts. But now two more districts are being added.

Meanwhile, there is a criticism that government has done the decision unscientifically and in a haphazard manner.