One Month And Counting, Pawan Kalyan Yet To Recover!BJP and Janasena have made huge noise ever since the 2019 elections. They have been making tall claims of being the only alternative in Andhra Pradesh after TDP had a shocking outing. We have heard claims of nothing less than coming to power in the 2024 elections and there was even a discussion about who will be the CM.

But then, Tirupati’s by-election has shown the mirror. BJP candidate lost her deposit. Pawan Kalyan‘s campaign made no difference. YSR Congress retained their seat while TDP performed better than the expectations indicating that the contest of 2024 will be between only those two parties. BJP and Janasena were taken back by the defeat.

They have hoped to erase the defeat from public memory and stood silent for a month. BJP has finally come back before the media after they organized an indoor protest in Rajamahendravaram on the issues faced by farmers. Even as BJP is back on its feet, Pawan Kalyan is yet to recover from Tirupati shock.

The last we heard about Pawan Kalyan is his COVID news. Except for random press notes released by Janasena Party on Pawan Kalyan’s name, the Janasenani is totally missing. Janasena supporters feel that this attitude will make things much worse for the upcoming Badvel by-election which may happen in a few months now.