Mohan Babu YS JaganCollection King Mohanbabu is the Guest for the Second Episode of Open Heart With RK of ABN – Andhrajyothy’s Radhakrishna. For the first time, Mohanbabu hinted about being not happy with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy whom he supported in the 2019 elections.

RK identified it and posted many questions in his own style trying to provoke Mohanbabu to speak something against Jagan Mohan Reddy. Mohanbabu who is usually very much outspoken tried hard to hide his disappointment about Jagan.

RK had a field run as a result as he mocked Mohanbabu on many occasions in the interview. Usually, Mohanbabu do not hesitate to give it back in such situations but he seems to be too embarrassed about the mess he has created for him with the high drama before 2019 elections and became defensive.

The clips of Mohanbabu’s embarassment or defense have become viral on social media with people mocking the Collection King. The Manchu family would Iike to salve its pride by victory in MAA Elections which will happen on October 10th.