MP raghu rama krishna rajuNarasapuram MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju has made an interesting revelation in a TV debate. He went on to say a ruling party MLA belonging to an influential community was summoned to Tadepalli and was beaten black and blue.

“I will not name the MLA and will not name who beat him. But who will have the courage to summon an MLA and beat him in Tadepalli. You can do the guess work but I will not reveal names. But what I am saying is 100% true,” Raghu Rama Krishna Raju said.

When insisted on telling the name, the MP said,” a constable beat me so easily. But who will have the courage to beat an MLA in Tadepalli? I can not tell more”. The video is going viral on social media. The MP, the other day, announced resigning to his MP post and YSR Congress’s membership very soon.

It will be interesting to see which party he joins after the resignation. Maybe he will be looking at the BJP.