telangana liquorIt is known to our readers that hundreds of tipplers flocked to the wine shops on Tuesday afternoon as soon as the Telangana cabinet decided about the Lockdown. Though the government has given permission to open all sorts of shops between 6 AM and 10 AM, anxious people tried to hoard as much as stock.

Social distancing, mask rules, and other safety measures have gone completely for a toss at all places. According to sources, liquor sales to the tune of 125 Crore Rupees happened in the state and bulk of this in the second half of the day.

Usually, the state registers Rs 70 crore liquor sales every day. That means the sales have doubled. Rangareddy district recorded the highest sale of around 24 Crore Rupees. Interestingly, on December 31st, 2020, the sales went up to Rs 194 crore. It was like another New Year day for the wine shops.

Officials of excise department say this is the highest sale record if we discount the New year sale. Several shops have sold out their stocks reserved for 2-3 days. Tonique – Biggest Multibrand Liquor Retailer in Hyderabad did close to 4 Crore Business and all its shelves were empty.