Old Cassette Repeat in BJP and Janasena CampThe other day, Telugu Desam Party at its annual Mahanadu moved a resolution saying that the party would extend support to the central government according to the merit of the issue if their opinion were sought on any matter of national interest. This looks pretty simple.

Any party which has representation in the Parliament would do the same. But then, it has become an issue and gave an opportunity for the BJP to thigh-slap about their imaginary strength in Andhra Pradesh. BJP AP Affairs Co in-charge, Sunil Deodhar who has disappeared after the Tirupati by-elections defeat went on to thump his chest saying that Naidu is desperate to show that TDP will align with BJP in 2024.

“BJP and Janasena under the leadership of Somu Veerraju and Pawan Kalyan will emerge as an alternative,” he added. He even went on to say BJP will fight both YSR Congress and TDP. Leaving aside the intentions of Chandrababu Naidu, Mahanadu has given another opportunity for BJP to overestimate its strength after the Tirupati result.

But then, it’s better Sunil Deodhar and others should realize people will not vote for parties on their tall claims on social media!