KCR Bans V6 ChannelIn the recent past, KCR’s BRS has been getting increasingly agitated by V6 and Velugu media houses that are in operation in Telangana.

In a recent presser, KTR called out V6, Velugu media and called them BJP mouthpieces and also termed them “Chillara companies”. He vowed to ban them when the time comes.

Well, it is official now. BRS has officially banned both V6 and Velugu media.

The KCR-led party has instructed their leaders not to interact with the said two media portal. Related orders are to be strictly enforced by all representatives of the BRS, it seems.

This comes years after BRS – the then TRS banned ABN and TV9 for allegedly bad mouthing their party troops.

With elections around the horizon, BRS’s decision to ban V6 and Velugu has become a hot topic. The party has been taking a firm anti-BJP stance of late and this development adds impetus to the same.