NTR_100Rupees_Silver_CoinIt is known that the central government and the central mint are introducing a new Rs 100 coin featuring the legendary Sr NTR. This is to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the legendary personality.

The latest news is that the central government has released an official gazette of the NTR coin.

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The gazette confirms that a new limited-supply Rs 100 coin of Sr NTR will be introduced into the market very soon.

The coin will have 44 MM diameter and it will comprise of 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, and 5% zinc. It can be purchased by anyone and it is priced at Rs 4160.

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The coin will have Sr NTR 100 year anniversary imprinted on it in Hindi and English. And it will have 1923-2023 marked on it.

The coin is now touted to be a testament of the pride of the Telugu community globally – Sr NTR. It will be introduced into the market soon.

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